The CBD market is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world right now. In fact, farmers have been struggling to keep up with the demand, and this uptick in public interest is going to continue for the next several years. 

The sheer number of CBD oils for sale is enough to overwhelm any customer, beginner, or otherwise. Multiple CBD brands have popped up, trying to capitalize on the expanding popularity of CBD. However, not all have been equal in quality. 

To help you identify the best CBD oil, we have compiled a list of the best CBD oil for sale! Each provides quality products that you want, whilst offering a ton of different benefits such as discounted prices,informational pages, and full product transparency. Here is a list of the best 25 CBD oil for sale that are worth your time and attention!

What is the best CBD Oil? 

1. Balance CBD

Not every oil is made equal in the CBD market, and Balance CBD reigns supreme in terms of quality. Balance dedicates itself to producing the best quality, natural, THC-free CBD products. 

Each one of their items is certified vegan and organic. Our favorite is the THC-free natural relief CBD oil. They are also tested by other 3rd-party labs to ensure that global standards have been met — Balance tests each one of their products through every stage of manufacturing. From seeds to mature plants, the loops of hemp are carefully observed all throughout their different periods of growth. Their purifying process has also been fine-tuned to create the purest CBD oil extracts, free from pesticides and preservatives. 

Their CBD oils are some of the most affordable on the market right now, they regularly run a sale that means a CBD oil costs less than $30. If oils aren’t your thing, then you can select from a wide range of their CBD products such as creams & edibles to the more “specialized” items like CBD for your pets and CBD suppositories.

This company has also teamed up with many brand ambassadors. From famous athletes to models, the Balance CBD brand is being widely talked about – they will be even featured in the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.  The quality of their CBD oil and other products backs it up. Buying any of their CBD oils means that you are getting the best CBD oil on the market right now. 

2. Infinite CBD

Every CBD newbie will appreciate the educational aspect of Infinite CBD’s main site, where they have a separate education page to clue you up on the general aspects of CBD. And for the complete novice who has yet to try out their first CBD product, they have a welcome chart that shows the different methods you can use to consume cannabinoids and their corresponding product.

Granted, Infinite CBD’s product range isn’t as broad as its competitors, but this is easily overlooked given the amount of information that they give to any potential buyer. This company offers quality isolates some of which are as strong as 5000mg of concentrate. You can buy this for $160. They also have different capsule blends that contain melatonin and caffeine, with the latte made for daily use, and the former during night time. 

3. Receptra Naturals

All CBD extracts used by Receptra Naturals come from Colorado family-run farms. And the CBD oil from these hemp plants – all of which are organically certified – comes from only the flowering parts which have the highest quality and purity. If you’re conscious about the environment, and you want a CBD product that offers everything you want, then you’ll really appreciate Receptra Naturals. 

The company also aims to improve the health of its consumers as well. One of their CBD oil blends can be used as energy boosters that can really pep up your day. This is why they make our list of the best CBD oil – their CBD oil begins at $44.95. They also have other pampering items like their body butter and topical cream.

4. CBDfx

CBDfx is the perfect fit if you’re a relatively new face in the world of CBD, and you want to learn a little more about it before you dive deeper. This company’s website has a knowledge hub that aims to educate their buyers, so they know how CBD works and how each product differs from each other. 

CBDfx sells the regular tinctures and capsules, or if you want to try something a little different, their gummy bears and lemon-flavored drink will satiate your CBD cravings in a whole new medium. CBDfx is the fourth company on our list of the best CBD oil. You can buy a 1000mg CBD oil for $99.99. 

5. CBD American Shaman

If you want to get all of your CBD needs in one company, CBD American Shaman is a very safe bet, giving the wide selection of products that they offer. From under-eye serums to horse ointments, you’ll never get bored with this  their unique list of goodies and this is why they are at #5 on our list of the best CBD oil. Their oil’s begin at $59.99.

The company also has a philanthropic side. The Compassionate Care program that they offer lowers the process of their goods for individuals who have health conditions. They also use organic-certified hemp that ensures all of the plant material that they use is both pesticide-free and not genetically altered.

6. Green Roads

Green Roads is very transparent when it comes to their products, as their website shows an in-depth review of their production process and the ingredients that they contain. It’s also reassuring that the company only hires pharmacists with decades of experience to handle and compound their CBD products. This is why they come in at #6 on our list of the best CBD oil. 

One of their most highly lauded products is their potent oil tincture that contains 1,500mg of concentrate. You can also have fun with their wide selection of different edibles that include lollipops, gummies, coffee, tea, and syrups.

7. Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms is at #7 on the list of best CBD oil. They employ a special CBD extraction technique (supercritical CO2 method) that bypasses the need for using harmful solvents, effectively maintaining the quality, purity, and safety of their extracts.

If you want to see the products that they offer, you can start out with their highly-reviewed list of tinctures, with concentrations that can reach as high as 1250mg. You can buy this for $129.95. 

8. Elixinol

Elixinol was founded by Paul Benhaim, a leading expert in the hemp-production industry with over twenty years of experience. Every user of CBD oil can be assured of the quality that this company can provide. Elixinol researches and tests all of their extracts and publicly show the results of their analysis online. 

If you want to buy CBD oil from Elixinol’s CBD extracts, you can choose from a wide range of tincture concentrations that can be as low as 300mg or as high as 3,600mg. Another great plus is that 5 percent of every sale that this company makes all go to charity. So you’re not only getting a quality product, but you’re also supporting a great cause – a great reason to put Elixinol at #9 on the list of the best CBD oil.

9. Bluebird Botanicals

Since 2016 thus company has grown into producing and supplying quality CBD products all over the U.S. This puts Bluebird at #10 on our list of the best CBD oil. You can buy an 8oz bottle for $140.

Every result of their product testing can be reviewed online, where each batch has a different analysis if you’re the type who really wants to get into the specifics. This company also has a very active assistance program that aims to help veterans, disabled individuals, and people with low incomes to get the care that they need. Eligible people are given discounts on Bluebird’s extracts, oils, and isolates – another great reason to have them at #10 on the list of the best CBD oil for sale.

10. Green Gorilla

This company has a unique blend of its signature CBD oil extracts – and organic extra virgin olive oil. While most believe this to be an odd combination, there has been quite a number of studies that show the synergism between CBD extracts and olive oil, essentially enhancing its positive effects. The company also states that this special blend improves CBD delivery all throughout our body.

If you buy CBD oil from Green Gorilla then the products are also affordable, making this a good choice for relatively new users. Their website also has a “science” section that describes the differences between CBD and THC, a common question that most beginners ask and need to know. For these great reasons, Green Gorilla make it at #11 on the list of the best CBD oil for sale. 

11. Pure Hemp Botanicals

Their mission statement, “compassion in action,” rings true for all of their business practices where they aim to provide organic, cruelty-free ingredients and good employment practices. One of their charity initiatives gives 1% of all of their proceeds to Mercy For Animals, a non-profit dedicated to animal care.

If you buy CBD oil from Pure Hemp Botanicals, then they also don’t skimp when it comes to the variety and quality of their product. This is perfect if you’re a regular consumer of CBD, so they make it at #12 on the list of best CBD oil. You can buy CBD oil form them from $47.95. 

12. Canabidol

If you buy CBD oil from Canabidol, then you will be buying CBD with a high level of quality in their products while offering them at a very low price point, perfect for CBD lovers on a budget or for beginners who want a taste of what CBD can offer. Canabidol ensures that all of its products meet the regular standard through in-house testing and third-party lab testing. They come in at #13 on our list of best CBD oil, and you can buy a bottle for $55.95.

13. Koi CBD

Koi CBD has an informational blog that’s regularly updated, which goes to show how much this company wants to provide its customers with the latest developments of CBD research and development. Koi CBD publishes every one of their products’ lab results for full transparency a, great reason to buy CBD oil from Koi.

The products that you can enjoy from this company include vaping liquids, scented body lotions, canine treats, flavored gummies, and a special CBD blend that they claim will give anyone the ultimate CBD experience. So all these reasons mean they come in at #14 on our list of the best CBD oil. 

14. Green Garden Gold

For dog-owners who love to give their canine companions special CBD treats, Green Garden Gold specifically caters to those specific needs. You can buy CBD oil with CBD treats flavored with peanut butter and animal-friendly drops, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for in their innovative range of products.

They also have a variety of CBD products that you can enjoy as well. For instance, they have a Panidiol Joint Formula that can relive any nagging pains and aches. They also offer regular hemp oil supplements that can have concentrations as high as 4000mg per unit. If you want to see the results of their third-party laboratory testing, you can put up a request, and they’ll send them to you. They make #15 on our list of the best CBD oil.

15. Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is a company that is fully committed to using an ethical business practice that gives all of its employees the treatment and benefits that they deserve. That’s why they make our list of the best CBD oil. All of their products come with an affordable price tag that can cater to anyone’s price range. They even include a 40% discount for disabled individuals and veterans to help buy CBD oil.

If you want a bit more out of your money, you can try their flavorless tincture that contains 3000mg of CBD per 60mL bottle. You can also buy CBD oil with double the concentration, if you’re looking for something a little more hardcore. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed and unsure of what to get, you can try out their affordable taster packs so you can get a sample of the products that they offer.

16. The CBDistillery

Users of CBD oil who want a product that gives a high dose of CBD might want to check out CBDistillery’s full-spectrum tincture that contains 5000mg per unit. If you want something with a gentler hit of CBD, you can opt to get a vape oil pen or some CBD capsules. And if you like to get your daily dose using the dabbing method, this company offers different flavors for their isolates, so there’s always something new to try out if you’re getting bored with the flavor that you typically use. Their range of oils puts them on our list of best CBD oil. 

For any army veterans out there or any person serving the armed forces, you can buy cbd oil with a 10% discount that this company offers for every purchase that you make.

17. Johnny Apple CBD

This San Francisco-born company ensures that all of the products that offer come from plants that are organic and non-GMO. They maintain the high quality of their CBD extracts by testing their plant material from a cellular level, picking only the strains that have high genetic integrity. So you will be getting one of the best CBD oils. 

If you want to sample what they have to offer, you can take your pick from one of their special CBD blends that helps improve your general mood and clear your head. One unique product that they offer is their Calm Balm cocoa butter that’s infused with CBD crystals. Most of their products can also be added as a supplement for baked goods, which is perfect if you want a tasty treat to go along with your daily dose of CBD- this is why they make our list of best CBD oils.

18. Kat’s Naturals

If you’re a very environmentally-conscious person who regularly enjoys CBD products, Kat’s Naturals is a company that would make a fine fit for your needs. The production process of all their products is specifically designed to be environmentally friendly.

For example, their Heal Hemp Oil uses plant material that’s been harvested through sustainable means, and they’re organically grown as well. So getting pesticides or other harmful materials in your product isn’t something that you should worry about. So if you’re looking to buy CBD oil, this is why Kat’s Naturals make it at #19 on our list of best CBD oil.

19. Populum

If you want a company that guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back, you might want to look into Populum to buy CBD oil. They offer a 30-day trial for each of your purchases. And within that time, you can return it and get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product.

They also have a very customer-friendly attitude. You can ask them any question that you have through phone, email, or live chat, and they will promptly attend to your needs. You can try out their oil tincture that comes in a range of different concentrations from 250mg to 1000mg. These are they reasons they make our list of the best CBD oils!

2o. Hemptations Infused Goods

This company is one of the most innovative CBD suppliers in the market. They have a special product that uses a unique blend of CBD oil and honey, out of all things. The honey is obtained from Vermont bee hives that impart a “spicy kick” to their CBD products.

Hemptations also has a fantastic customer service that offers one-on-one consultations with their buyers for a small fee. You would have to go to their physical shop to buy cbd oil though. If you’re not living near Vermont or Massachusetts but still want a consultation, you can use their live chat or phone service as an alternative. Their innovative features put them on our list of best CBD oils. You can buy one of the best CBD oils for less than $100.

21. Real Scientific Hemp Oil

This company has been in the CBD games for many years now, and many consider them to be a pioneer in hemp oil production. Real Scientific Hemp Oil claims that the products that their offer have little to no amounts of THC, a perfectly sound choice for CBD lovers who don’t want a hit in their upcoming drug test after they buy CBD oil.

This company is very transparent with the production process of all their hemp oils, giving their customers the know-how that they need to make an informed purchase. You’re sure to get a quality product with Real Scientific because they run their tests throughout all of their products a total of three times before release. This is why they make our list of the best CBD oil!

22. Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp claims that their company had the first-ever hemp farm to be officially authorized by the U.S government. They also claim to be one of the earliest companies that import hemp seeds through legal means only, where they obtain all of their seeds through the cannabis seed bank.

Much like a few other companies, Ananda Hemp tests its products at least three times so they can ensure the quality and accuracy of their prescribed potency. So if you buy CBD oil from Ananda hemp, you are sure to be getting one of the best CBD oil products on the market. You can get your hands on a bottle for less than $59.95.

23. PureKana

This company based in Los Angeles ensures that all of its CBD products come from plant material that hasn’t been tainted with pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals that impact a crop’s quality and safety. PureKana claims that their extraction method for isolating CBD only uses carbon dioxide instead of other solvents that aren’t exactly good for your health.

If you’re having some doubts, if you buy CBD oil from Pure Kana you will have access to publicly released results from third-party lab testing on their website, which is available to every customer. Their highly-regarded tinctures have a unique blend of CBD oil and other enhancing ingredients. You can also enjoy their more “specialized” products that include gummy bears and topical ointments. Their reputation puts them at #24 on our list of the best CBD oil.  

24. CBD Drip

Any fan of CBD who enjoys sublingual use and vaping as their primary method of consumption will appreciate CBD Drip. The company offers a range of innovative spectrum oils that offer a lot in terms of versatility. You can buy a CBD Drop bottle for less than $50, and they round off our list of the best CBD oils in position #25. 

Buy CBD Oil 

So there you have it, a list of the best CBD oil that you can buy right now. Each of the brands on our list our well respected, but if you want to buy the best CBD oil right now then we recommend Balance CBD. With their current buy one get one free, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth of CBD! In the end, all of the brands on our list sell quality CBD oil, and sometimes it just comes down to a matter of personal preference. 

If CBD oil is not your thing, then we also have a list of the best CBD gummies that you can buy right now! If you’re looking for CBD creams or topicals, then we also have a list of the best CBD creams for sale. We’re always happy to help you in your journey to buy CBD oil – we want to make sure you make an informed decision and buy the best CBD oil possible!  

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