We here at L.A. Weekly love cannabis just as much, if not more than, the holidays, so it makes sense that we’ve begun a new annual tradition of curating our very own best cannabis for the holidays gift box that’s blooming with premium flower and ripe with tasty terps. Our yearly Best Of Cannabis issue is one of our favorites to produce, so making a tangible box to go along has positively been a dank dream come true. 

We decided to stop it up a notch by dedicating this curated influencer box to the best cannabis for the holidays. Why the holidays? Because while the season of giving and togetherness is undoubtedly a magical time, it’s also a pretty stressful one. The more we age the more it seems like the holiday joys experienced in our youth are fleeting as we scramble to recreate favorite traditions while crossing off wish lists in the most affordable way possible. Thanks to the past few years, the economics of gifting along with the politics of gathering has made December a particularly rough time. We don’t like that, so we lovingly put together this care package of all the best cannabis for the holidays to make them, well, holidays again. 

No one ever said being an adult was easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! Take a look at our best cannabis for the holidays 2021 influencer box inclusions below for a guide on how to reduce holiday stress, enjoy the beautiful lights and decorations, vibe out while wrapping, laugh yourself silly while watching Home Alone, guiltlessly gorge on sugar cookies and most importantly, make all that family time (or lack thereof) palatable. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the best cannabis for the holidays that Mother Nature has to offer this year: 


Best Cannabis For The Holidays

L.A. Weekly’s Best of Cannabis 2021 Influencer Box


A local California company, AbsoluteXtracts’ products are homegrown in NorCal by master cultivators and extraction industry pioneers. Known for their pure and potent cannabis concentrates, ABX has led the way with their innovative strain-specific cartridges that are packed full of 100% cannabis goodness. Utilizing cutting-edge innovations in extraction technology to deliver the most optimal cannabis oils for each product, ABX provides the cannabis community with full-spectrum vape cartridges, soft gels, edibles, concentrates and oral drops. 


Best Cannabis For The Holidays - L.A. Weekly’s Best of Cannabis 2021 Influencer Box

Auntie Aloha

Auntie Aloha is all about that island vibe, curating and crafting the best cannabis to transport you to sunny beaches free of worry and stress, no matter where you physically may be. With gorgeous packaging and incredible fruit flavor, Auntie Aloha products are as eye-catching as they are breath-taking. 

“Infused with the flavors and vibes of Hawaii, Auntie Aloha brings a little bit of paradise into our daily lives,” explains the founders and creators. “Locals say, ‘auntie’ as a term of respect and endearment to a woman they know or meet for the first time. And although unrelated by blood, these kinds of words create familial bonds with one another and a sense of community. Our passion is to bring that warm Aloha spirit into our products and offer a unique, quality experience to customers.”

Try them for yourself and enjoy the aloha state of mind. 



Care By Design

Did you know that Care By Design makes the most potent CBD product in the California market? With the highest concentration of cannabinoids per drop, each 15ml bottle of their 1:1 MAX formula contains an incredible 1000mg of THC and 1000mg of CBD. This is one product that’s meant for the more experienced cannabis user. 

Care By Design (or CBD), has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry, creating CBD to THC ratios that are celebrated for the powerful relief they bring. 


Best Cannabis For The Holidays - L.A. WeeklyFarmer & The Felon

Farmer and the Felon is determined to preserve the counterculture history of the cannabis prohibition era while advocating for justice for cannabis prisoners unfairly and disproportionately imprisoned. Right now, over 40,000 non-violent cannabis offenders still sit behind bars in the United States. By partnering with the Last Prisoner Project, Farmer and the Felon aims to bring restorative justice through the power of cannabis.

“As industry veterans dedicated to cannabis freedom, we aren’t interested in being just another weed brand,” explains the founders. “We are, Cannabis for Change.™”


Cannabis For The Holidays 4

Flawless Cannabis Co.

Since the birth of our current millennium, Flawless Cannabis Company has been consistently producing some of the most potent and flavorful cannabis flowers on the market. With a tenacity for excellence and an eagerness to grow producing high quality/high testing cannabis strains, Flawless Cannabis Co. has carved their path to being an elite top shelf brand known for quality, potency and a premium smoking experience.

High Grade

High Grade Farms is known for their premium indoor craft cannabis grown right here in California. A family-owned and operated business, they cultivate their flower themselves. Their cannabis is estate grown, meaning they are a true farm-to-vape company. “We cultivate responsibly by utilizing renewable energy sources, and practice water conservation by only using filtered water collected from our cooling units,” they explain. “With respect to the culture and the community we retain the classic staple strains that we’ve been growing since 2002, while exploring new and exotic varieties for your smoking enjoyment.”



A green twist on traditional tobacco blunt wraps. Hempire Wraps offer a clean smoke, without the tobacco and nicotine. Made with U.S.-farmed organic hemp and infused with traditional flavors or contemporary terpenes, our lick ‘n stick wraps are ready to take you and your buds on a flavor trip.

@HempireNation | hempire.com

High Hemp CBD Gummies

High Hemp CBD Gummies are CBD isolate, one of its purest forms. Our CBD Gummies are a form of cannabidiol edibles. These are foods containing the therapeutic compound CBD, which comes from the hemp plant. Gummies can be an easy, discreet, and very tasty way of ingesting CBD. Common reasons for taking CBD include pain management and relief from anxiety, depression, and many other conditions.

High Hemp CBD gummies are composed of all-natural ingredients, making them vegan, gluten-Free, dairy-Free, and containing NO high fructose corn syrup. Each of our delightful gummies holds 25mg of CBD; a complete package of our gummies has 250mg of CBD. Sit back, relax and enjoy these delicious High Hemp treats!



Jeeter was born in the city and suburban streets of South Florida. The name “Jeeter” was a catchy slang within the local culture that was the alternative name for a joint. The slogan was quickly coined – “Pass the Jeeter” – and became common language to their crew! Fast forward to a decade later and that crew has brought Jeeter to life in the California cannabis markets. Built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California.



Known for their solvent-based extracts, Kaizen’s uses traditional extraction processes to pull the terpenes out of the highest quality California flower; delivering a vibrant, full flavor concentrate experience that all levels of cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy. Encouraging us to concentrate on quality and concentrate on meaning, it’s no surprise that the concentrates Kaizen produces are ase potent as they are memorable. Every step of their process is optimized to create industry-leading cannabis extracts; from selecting top shelf, locally grown flower, to innovating new standards for testing and labelling.


Loud + Clear

If you’re searching for the best cannabis for the holidays, this is it! Loud + Clear is an ABX brand that’s made for those who are all about strong, potent cannabis. Aiming to “turn up your cannabis experience,” Loud + Clear has a baseline THC potency of 80%, which means it only goes up from there! Mare with a blend of high-THC distillate cannabis oil and strain-specific live resin, this 100% cannabis oil will give you the highest highs while delivering top-notch full flavor.



Lowell Herb Co. just launched their 2021 Holiday Collection so you can get into the holiday spirit with ease. Toke on the Eight Daze Indica single and or share the Ho Ho Hybrid Quicks with your friends. Stock up on their “Resolution Hybrid” pre-rolls and spark up for the new year. No matter what you celebrate this season, Lowell’s got your cannabis needs covered. 



After being named the best All-In-One vape at both the High Times Cannabis Cup and Emerald Cup this past year, Mistifi’s premium cured resin vape pen is the must have gift for cannabis connoisseurs this holiday season. Much like a blended whiskey, their unique, triple-strain blends guarantee a consistently luxurious experience in every pull from every pen. Packed with flavor, these vapes will even catch the eye of your favorite flower lover this holiday season. 



nuvata is all about helping you be the best you, by bringing you the on-the-go balance you crave thanks to their premium cannabis vaporizers. nuvata’s goal is to make achieving mindfulness and wellness not only enjoyable, but effortless. So whether you’re partaking in cannabis as an aid to wellness, to seek mindfulness, or to simply enjoy the power of the plant, nuvata has a premium cannabis vape tailored to your needs. 


Tough Mama

Forget the candy canes! This year, stuff their stockings full of Tough Mama’s award-winning 1.6g infused pre-rolls. Punch & legit, each preroll features hemp blunt wraps fully infused with .25g of oil to provide the perfect burn rate. Tough Mama knows what’s best. She never cuts corners when it comes to getting properly baked and neither should you this holiday season. Are you tough enough?


Unity Wellness

The holidays are all about unity, so UNITY Wellness’s CBD-infused light and refreshing wellness beverages were a natural (pun intended) choice for our best cannabis for the holidays box! Crafted with super-healthy, plant-based nutrients, each sip works to help improve your physical and emotional well-being, allowing you to you calm the f* down in even the most trying of holiday scenarios. 

Each 14oz bottle contains four plant-based super-nutrients: 30mg CBD (to support with stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation), Ashwagandha (for anxiety and immune support), Rhodiola Rosea (for anxiety and fatigue) and Ginkgo Biloba (for cognitive health and focus). 


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