It's a grandly ambitious experiment that Belcampo has undertaken: to create a meat supply chain wholly controlled by one company. On a farm in far Northern California, animals are born; raised naturally; slaughtered at Belcampo's nearby slaughterhouse; transported to Belcampo's retail stores and restaurants; and sold to you. Launching the company was a hugely expensive gamble, but it appears to be paying off, both for Belcampo and for us, the consumers. It means you can get meat of which you truly know the provenance, which you can be sure was raised and killed as humanely as possible. But it also means the butcher behind the counter is as well-versed and knowledgeable as butchers come. These butchers can offer cooking tips, procure interesting cuts and tell you everything you might want to know about the meat you're taking home. That the meat is exceedingly delicious is the icing on the steak.

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