Nope, this is not Anastasia of Beverly Hills, where you'll pay big bucks for someone to pluck and shape your brows only to have them grow back in a matter of days. This is a tattoo, expertly applied by brow artist Joan Wolf, who has worked as a permanent cosmetic professional for two decades. Before you balk, these are not the pencil-thin lines you see on those who carelessly plunked themselves in any advertised “We tattoo” chair. Wolf creates individual “hair strokes,” so your brows look like they're your very own — only better. The process doesn't begin until she draws in a shape that pleases you. Two hours later — with a slight discomfort that feels like tiny paper cuts — you'll have a full set of natural-looking brows that will last for many years with only occasional touch-ups. Two locations: Michael Joseph Furie Salon, 18733 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, (818) 344-0271,; and Susan Alan 2000, 11149 Tampa Ave., Northridge, (818) 360-2234,

—Heidi Dvorak

LA Weekly