If you keep up with the SoCal beer scene, you've probably heard about sours. They're the region's newest beer trend, yet somehow they're nowhere in sight. That's not for lack of effort. Lots of breweries are making sours, but they take longer than most other beers to age and get all bacteria-fied. Many simply aren't ready yet. If you're interested in sampling some sours sooner than later, though, head south to Carson and get yourself to Phantom Carriage. This gem of a spot rotates through four to six sours on tap, which, trust us, is a lot. (Check the “On Tap” button on the website to find out what they're currently serving.) The sours at Phantom Carriage offer a decent variety of flavor profiles, body and tartness; by the time you try them all, you'll have a good sense of which kinds you like. And that will be handy information in a few years, when sours become the new IPAs.

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