Maybe you can watch the Dodgers at home. Lucky you. But for a large portion of Angelenos, our only access to Dodger baseball at home is via crackly AM radio. So we downtrodden fans, trampled once more under the clumsy hooves of TV-provider intransigence, head out into the warm summer evening in search of the best place to catch our hardball fix. Enter the Greyhound, neighborhood pub par excellence, owners of some very fine televisions and a subscription to Time Warner Cable. The Greyhound shows every game on its many screens — including a giant HD projector — and offers an outstanding array of game-time specials, which it calls “Blue Hour.” For just $8, you get an Olympia — the quintessential ballpark lager — and a burger or veggie wings. (For a dollar more, trade up to a pound of chicken wings.) It also has buckets of Olympia and pitchers of craft beer, and if you step outside after a Friday home game, you can look down Figueroa to see the postgame fireworks peeking over the hill.

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