There's no sign heralding the Local Peasant, but ever since this “eat pub” opened last year in Woodland Hills, it has been jammed, and on weekend nights the roar can be heard well before you pull up to the valet. The interior is covered in raw materials and wormwood planking, and cooled with exposed industrial pipes. At the center is a 38-seat, U-shaped bar serving 23 beers on tap and 15 varieties of keg wine. There's a see-through cold-storage vault filled with kegs, and all kinds of seating arrangements, including a cozy back bar with mismatched wood tables good for groups of two or 20, and a big, appealing street-side patio on Ventura Boulevard. For weekend brunch, the Bloody Mary bar is set up, where you mix your own flavors from 25 hot sauces, various tomato juice mixes and garnishes including sauteed carrots and jumbo shrimp. Feel free to add whatever you can stuff into your handled glass jar. —N. Jenssen

22901 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, 91364. (818) 876-0105,

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