The Arts District got lucky when ERB (short for Everson Royce Bar) landed earlier this year in a former Señor Fish location on Seventh Street. A collaboration between Silverlake Wine co-owner Randy Clement and former Mozza chef Matt Molina, ERB is the watering hole everyone wishes they had in their own neighborhood. Molina is turning out classic bar food from all over the world: Chinese-style pork buns, Mexican taquitos and an all-American burger. Little spin is given to these dishes — the pork bun is as you'd expect it to be, stuffed with pork belly roasted just enough to make it soft but not too wobbly, crisp but not too chewy, with a simple pickle and hoisin sauce, wrapped in a warm, springy bun. The taquitos are filled with smoky pureed potatoes and drenched in a textbook tomatillo salsa. And that burger is a triumph of beefy gratification — a single medium-thick, prime chuck patty cushioned in a crisp, compact bun and topped with Tillamook cheddar. It packs a wallop of buttery, meaty flavor. You should order the Kennebec french fries to go alongside, which taste like the beautiful, shameful love child of Belgium and McDonald's.

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