It's mandatory that every cool dude in L.A. has to own at least five vintage T-shirts, and we're not talking Urban Outfitters' faux vintage, either. World of Vintage T-Shirts is the best purveyor to meet your needs, then, assuming you're willing to drop a bit of cash. It boasts everything from old-timey sport T's to authentic concert shirts to duds emblazoned with '80s comedic slogans. Where is the beef, anyway? Remember that Mickey Mouse or original Michael Jackson Captain EO shirt you wanted when you were at Disneyland when you were a kid, but mom wouldn't let you buy it? You're quite likely to find it here. The catch is that the majority of the most desirable commemorative shirts will cost you a Ulysses Grant. But then again, if you're going to out-vintage the other guys in the neighborhood, you've got to be willing to make some sacrifices. 7701 Melrose Ave, Mid-City; (323) 651-4058

—Daniel Kohn

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