The Best Men’s Athletic Fit Overcoats to Try in 2022

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Respecting dress codes aside, I don’t believe in strict rules when it comes to everyday fashion—with one exception. Every guy needs an overcoat, besides keeping you warm they are a clothing staple and act as modular pieces of gear. Unlike trench coats, you can partner overcoats with top layers, handy for any situation. Usefulness made them a military staple during both world wars. They were also a staple in 18th century formalwear, since good overcoats are basically a cheat code for looking put-together. The choices selected here are versatile, with modern upgrades, and an athletic fit.

What Winter Overcoat Should I Buy?

Traditional overcoats are usually custom-built by tailors or bespoke outerwear designers. Heritage coatmakers, like Burberry, are also good places to turn to, since you can find them in department stores. When it comes to modern overcoats, coats and jackets, you’d do well to seek out high-quality brands that infuse traditional pieces with performance-wear qualities.

What are the Best Men’s Athletic Fit Overcoats to try in 2022? 

Here are the best overcoats available this season. My number one pick from State & Liberty best exhibits the performance-infused versatility that I previously mentioned is important in modern outwear, yet is somehow hard to find. 

1. State & Liberty Grey Open Button Overcoat

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Grey Open Button Overcoat

Maker: State & Liberty 

Top Key Features: Adaptable and functional style options, technical fabric construction adds stretch and mobility, most comfortable overcoats on the market, no need for dry cleaning 

Returns: Will accept any return that is unworn and resellable, within 90 days of purchase

Price: $425

What’s Good about State & Liberty: 

State & Liberty’s athletic fit overcoats fill an important gap in the market that heritage clothiers didn’t even realize was there. The added stretch gives you a full range of mobility, unlike old-fashioned overcoats that hold you back in the shoulder area. 

Still, State & Liberty offers flexible styles, founded on timelessly handsome design templates. These overcoats are the fashion equivalent of a classic prewar home with smarthouse technology. You can literally wear them anywhere, from date night to a black-tie benefit these coats are fit for any occasion.

The grey open button overcoat is the most formal but still manages to uphold the brands ideals of athletic fit business appropriate fashion. This athletic fitting overcoat manages to be lightweight, comfortable, and versatile, coming in multiple colors to match anything you can imagine. 

Since the brand’s focus is to provide professional looks to gents with athletic body types, their overcoats are also breathable and wrinkle-free. Compare this to most stuffy overcoats that feel like they’ll rip at the seam if you move your arms a certain way. 

What’s Not So Good

State & Liberty’s care instructions recommend hand washing or soaking their overcoats. The bright side here is that you have the option of saving on dry cleaning. Handwashing and hanging to dry can be time-consuming though.

The Verdict

While an overcoat is an essential for even the most minimalist closets, many of us don’t want to suffer for fashion at the hands of traditionally over-structured outerwear. State & Liberty mercifully solves this decades-long problem by building the most comfortable and warmest mens overcoats that are stretchy without compromising fit and look. This technical touch serves up a truly incomparable level of versatility.

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2. State & Liberty Down Bomber Jacket

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Down Bomber Jacket Black

Maker: State & Liberty 

Top Key Features: Adaptable and functional style options, technical fabric construction adds stretch and mobility, most comfortable overcoats on the market, no need for dry cleaning 

Returns: Will accept any return that is unworn and resellable, within 90 days of purchase

Price: $350

What’s Good about State & Liberty: 

Sometimes a lightweight overcoat isn’t enough. When it’s the dead of winter and you have a long walk to work or an outing with friends you might need something more. That’s where this bomber comes in handy. This athletic fit down bomber jacket provides all of the same stretch and comfort while also delivering some extra warmth and a more casual style.

The bomber jacket has been a staple wardrobe item since the early 60’s when the public picked up on the jackets that fighter pilots had been wearing in the early 1900’s. Typically bombers are loose fitting and suit bars better than business meetings.

State and Liberty flips this idea on its head by making a sleek looking, athletic fit bomber that is perfect for most casual and business casual events. True to State and Liberty’s ideals, their bomber is comfy, warm, and perfect for athletic body types. Aside from providing a great fit, they also made the down bomber water repellent and windproof, so you are covered for anything that nature can throw at you.

If you’re a business mogul by day and bodybuilder by night than this muscular fitting down bomber jacket is certainly fit for you.

What’s Not So Good

Similar to the last option this bomber is not machine washable which will unfortunately mean you spend more time hand washing. This of course is due to the high quality nature of State and Liberty’s bomber jackets and apparel in general so it’s a worth while trade off.

The Verdict

Bomber jackets are a staple item every man should have in his wardrobe, but can sometimes be oversized and low quality. State and Liberty solves this issue by using high quality materials and a cut tapered for v-shaped bodies. If you are looking for the perfect athletic fit winter coat, look no further.

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3. Burberry Car Coats 

Burberry Car Coat Athletic Fit Winter Overcoat

Maker: Burberry

Top Key Features: Water-repellant gabardine construction, several points of functionality including its hook-and-eye collar closure and throat latch, streamlined style 

Returns: Will accept resellable returns within 30 days of ship date for full price items, and within 14 days for sale items

Price: $1950-$2890

What’s Good about Burberry: 

Technically a trench because of its gabardine construction, Burberry’s car coats are simple but extremely functional. And of course, they’re icons of fashion.

The Camden Coat, for example, is cut slim so it can be used as a bottom layer on extra cold days. Like Batman’s utility belt, it’s equipped with a lot of hidden and incorporated tools, including button-tab cuffs, a throat latch, and a concealed single-breasted closure. There’s a lot going on here, despite the streamlined aesthetic.

It’s lined with the signature Burberry check, which is also found on the undercollar. Another plus about its gabardine build is that it’s water repellent, but a lot more breathable than rubberized rain-specific trench coats. This is why Burberry trenches can also be worn as light overcoats.

What’s Not So Good

These coats require specialist dry cleaning. So even after you drop the initial $2k, you’ll be spending more just to ensure it gives you the mileage you paid for. 

Also, you’re definitely charged extra for the brand name here, which isn’t shocking but worth mentioning. The sleeves, for instance, are lined with viscose which is often used as an inexpensive way to convey luxury, a sort of durable alternative to silk. If that wasn’t enough they are also lighter and won’t protect against colder weather as well as others.

The Verdict

Though it won’t save you from the most frigid winters, Burberry’s Car Coats have a range of uses in addition to its ability to serve as an overcoat. Burberry is not a bad option for men’s outerwear, if you’re willing to pay the price of admission.

4. Thom Sweeney Winter Overcoat

Thom Sweeney Winter Athletic Fit Overcoat Tan

Maker: Thom Sweeney

Top Key Features: Fine Italian craftsmanship, bespoke services, use of premium materials such as 100% Solbiati linen  

Returns: Free returns accepted within 14 days of the delivery receipt

Price: $3,120-$3,380

What’s Good about Thom Sweeney: 

The best place to get a traditional winter overcoat is from a true bespoke clothier, and Thom Sweeney fits that bill. However, you don’t always have to go the custom-made route when working with Sweeney. They often have ready-to-shop outerwear, in elegant but masculine designs including field and bomber style jackets.

Not only are their overcoats sewn with detail and durability, but they source the finest fabrics in Europe. Solbiati linen, for example, is made exclusively in Italy. The flax crops used to craft this exquisite material are harvested during a small window of time when they’re at their best, before actual humans handpick the finest and most stable.

And if you go full bespoke, expect an eight-to-ten week process, and about three fittings.

What’s Not So Good

The 14-day return policy isn’t a lot of time. You’d think they’d let you live with the coat for a little longer considering the premium you’re paying.

Moreover, since Thom Sweeney is mostly bespoke, their ready-to-shop overcoats are pretty limited in supply. If they’re sold out on the website, you’ll have to keep checking back to see when new overcoats come in.

The Verdict

Thom Sweeney’s outerwear is the industry’s go-to when it comes to raw materials and custom tailoring. They’re unabashedly traditional, but built with carefully-sourced, painstakingly-made materials to a level of detail that can only be done with artisan hands. For an afforable mens overcoat that keeps you warm in the winter without sacrificing style or quality, I like State and Liberty.

5. Charles Tyrwhitt Wool Overcoat

Charles Tyrwhitt Grey Winter Slim Fit Overcoat

Maker: Charles Tyrwhitt

Top Key Features: Traditionally built with 100% wool, classic silhouette, generous return policy 

Returns: Returns are accepted within six months of purchase, even if they’ve been washed or you no longer have the paperwork

Price: $499

What’s Good about Charles Tyrwhitt: 

Charles Tyrwhitt’s wool overcoat boasts a time-honored design, all the way down to the ivory buttons. The brand employs corozo buttons, a perfectly legal vegetable ivory, otherwise known as tagua nut.

This overcoat is heavily structured, making it one of the warmest overcoats around, and built with fine merino fibers, which shields you from cold, but also releases warmth to prevent overheating. Top that off with smooth welt pockets, four-button cuffs, and a single-breasted three-button design, and you’ve got a textbook timeless style, not unlike the overcoats your grandfather wore. 

What’s Not So Good

As with most 100% wool outerwear, these overcoats are dry-clean only. They also feature a conventional build and zero stretch, which means these jackets are stylish, but not that easy to wear. There’s a back vent to provide a bit of mobility, but a good-looking and well-fitted Charles Tyrwhitt overcoat wouldn’t be appropriate for movement-heavy activities.

The Verdict

Charles Tyrwhitt’s temperature-regulating overcoat is a beautifully traditional piece of outerwear that adapts to most, if not all, outfits. The familiar design language is expressed in the coat’s shape, as well as in details like its corozo button layout and pocket composition.

Plus, the six-month return policy, even if the clothing is washed and tagless, is inordinately generous.

6. Everlane The ReWool Overcoat

Everlane The ReWool Slim Fit Winter Overcoat Navy

Maker: Everlane

Top Key Features: Eco-driven brand that uses recycled materials, affordable overcoats and overshirts, some models feature nylon which gives a bit of stretch

Returns: Will accept returns of unworn items with tags within 30 days of the ship date, no returns for final sale items

Price: $98-$298

What’s Good about Everlane: 

Everlane’s overcoats and overshirts are some of the most affordable on the market, offering a compelling price-to-quality ratio.

Not warm enough on its own, their heavyweight overshirt can be worn as a midlayer under a coat or as a top layer on warmer days. They’re simply-designed with a utilitarian aesthetic, and come in fun neutral hues like heathered green and toasted coconut. 

Meanwhile, Everlane’s thicker ReWool overcoat sports a more traditional look, and is even made from 62% recycled wool. It’s also built with nylon, so it supplies a bit of stretch, on top of abrasion resistance. 

Overall, Everlane reliably and consistently has essentials in their current line, and is the budget pick because of that. They also cut prices often, though keep in mind sale items are non-returnable.

What’s Not So Good

These dry clean-only pieces have pretty standard fits, which is unsurprising at these affordable price points. There’s also more wiggle room when it comes to fitting into overcoats and overshirts, compared to a t-shirt or a suit jacket. 

Everlane has also been accused of greenwashing since they claim to be eco-driven, but don’t have any third party certifications.

The Verdict

Everlane overcoats and overshirts are prototypical, universal, and exceedingly bang-for-buck. The origin of the pieces are vague and the fits aren’t always perfect, but that’s something that can be finessed when it comes to outerwear. Personally, I hate wearing things that don’t fit perfectly so I’d rather spend a little bit extra to get a true athletic fitting overcoat that I love and will wear consistently.

FAQs About Overcoats

Where can I buy athletic fit overcoats for men?

State & Liberty is the only brand I know that makes a true athletic fiting overcoat. They were selected as the best overall because they offer classic styles with modern fabric upgrades that add stretch, mobility and an athletic fit. For traditional overcoats, the best places to go include bespoke tailors and heritage brands like Burberry.

What is the best material for men’s athletic fit overcoats?

Overcoats should be made with insulating material that doesn’t overheat. Athletic fitting overcoats will often have a blend of polyester and spandex as well in order to provide the desired stretch and comfort needed for an athletic fit. The best overcoats also feature water repellant treatment on the surface and construction that affords ease of movement and protection during cold winter days. 

Where can I wear an athletic fit overcoat?

Traditional overcoats can be worn in both casual and formal situations. Traditional overcoats usually aren’t great for activities that require a wide range of arm movements. The beauty of athletic fit overcoats that use performance fabrics is they can be worn in literally any cold weather setting.

Why should I purchase an athletic fit overcoat?

An overcoat not only keeps you warm, but can visually level up thrown-together outfits. Like dress pants and oxford button-downs, overcoats are a staple even in minimalist wardrobes. Athletic fit overcoats bring all that together in a slim fit package for more defined body types.

How many overcoats does a man need?

If you go for neutral colors and a simple design, you only need one, maybe two. Again, if you find a versatile overcoat that also provides stretch, it can take the place of your formal overcoat, and a lot of your performance jackets too.

Are overcoats worth it?

Yes, even cheap overcoats are worth the investment since they can be used on their own, layered, and style well with casual and formal looks.

Are trench coats and overcoats the same?

They’re very similar, but trench coats are often designed to protect you from rain while overcoats to protect you from cold. These days, there’s a lot of overlap between the two.

Are overcoats out of style?

No, a simple overcoat is a wardrobe essential, and has been in style since the 18th century. The style has been trending towards brands that offer a modern fit.

How should an overcoat fit?

Overcoats are often used as an accessory to throw on top of a suit. As such, they should fit snug without being too tight while maintaining a professional and slimming appearance. The best way to get a snug yet comfortable fit is to purchase an overcoat that uses performance fabrics. 

About the Author:

Joe Sanfilippo has been in the men’s fashion industry for nearly a decade. As a former college football player and the Co-Founder of NFL agency, Upper Edge Sports, Joe has spent countless hours searching for the best athletic fitting, performance menswear.

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