In a city as big as Los Angeles, it's easy to feel lost, and not just when Google Maps goes on the fritz. We all crave guidance occasionally, and astrology can be one way to get it, but what if you're not into all the mystical mumbo jumbo that goes with it? With Carolyn Leigh at Oak Tree Healers, you don't have to be. Leigh looks at astrology from an empirical perspective. She explains up front: The stars and planets don't cause things but are a snapshot of the energy infused in you depending on the date, time and location of your birth. For $110, Leigh creates a personalized star chart and spends 90 minutes walking you through it, giving insight into who you are and why things are happening. You leave with a full picture of how your consciousness functions and how to better control your world. The reading enlightens and empowers, without the hocus-pocus. —Ali Trachta

Address given with appointment. (310) 365-6855,

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