One corner of Olde Good Things is jammed with mysterious unmatched industrial-chic metal doors — with or without windows — from schools or sanitariums or God knows where, arranged in easy-to-view stand-up holders. Huge iron lanterns — you couldn't say chandeliers, exactly, about these hefty orbs — hang from the ceiling in blazing glory. There's a carved treasure chest in which you could fit a one-eyed dog, if you needed to. You stop counting at about 200 or so crystal late–19th century doorknobs. You can get separated from your friends in this meandering antique store of all antique stores, hard by the 10 freeway just south of the Convention Center and a stone's throw from L.A. Trade Tech College. The proprietor calls it “the place of the architecturologists,” which seems apt given the great piles of wonderful old tiles and drawer pulls and “antique” slabs of wood, all going for a pretty penny.

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