Your fingernails are 10 tiny canvases and it's time to put them on display. CT Nails #9 owner David Huynh is the Warhol of the nail salon, and for a shockingly low $25, he'll put his skills to work airbrushing almost anything in the world on your fingertips. Whether you want palm trees, sailboats, watermelons, skulls, American flags, tropical fish, tulips, unicorns, anchors, comets, crosses or a kaleidoscope of trippy patterns, Huynh has an artist's attention to detail and an eager-to-please spontaneity. Detailing a fruit bowl on a ring finger, he adds a glint of white light to a peach. Later, asked if he could transform a Western scene with a bucking cowboy and two tiny cacti from a fiery sunset to a pastel dawn, he grins and gets to work. You'll smile, too, every time you look at your hands. —Amy Nicholson

7854 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hlywd., 90046. (323) 654-9385.

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