Bernie Opens the L.A. Film Festival

John Lithgow; Credit: Jena ArdellJohn Lithgow; Credit: Jena Ardell

Bernie is a new dark comedy co-written and directed by Richard Linklater, starring Jack Black, Shirley Maclaine and Matthew McConaughey. Black plays a well-liked assistant funeral home director in Carthage, Texas, who befriends and murders a wealthy widow, played by MacLaine. The creepy part of it all is… the movie is based on a true story. (Read Karina Longworth's review: “L.A. Film Fest Opens With Richard Linklater's Bernie: Like Christopher Guest Doing Errol Morris Doing Fargo.”) An after-party followed the premiere, which kicked off the first night of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Notable attendees included Julie Delpy, Jules Asner, Steven Soderbergh, Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson.