Microdosing Delta 9 THC delivers a highly customizable option for health-minded cannabis enthusiasts.

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Delta 9 THC is one of the most sought-after compounds found in cannabis. While you can find this potent version of THC within full spectrum CBD products, you can also use Delta 9 specialty products like Delta 9 Microdosing Capsules.

Delta 9 microdosing capsules deliver a highly customizable option to allow you to apply the more calming effects of Delta 9 to your daily needs in a way that other products can’t quite do. For one, these capsules contain highly potent yet small quantities of Delta 9 THC, so you can make small yet highly impactful adjustments to your CBD routine.

But aside from putting the power of control in the users’ hands, what benefits does Delta 9 microdosing have to offer? Here’s how it works to help bring you improved wellness for your body and mind.

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing involves taking a small amount of a potent substance to get the benefits of the substance while avoiding unwanted negative effects.

The term microdosing is not new, but its application for cannabis products is a rather recent development as CBD manufacturers work hard to provide a variety of options to benefit every user’s needs.

Microdosing can be done by itself or in addition to taking a daily amount of CBD tinctures, either broad spectrum or full spectrum. The Delta 9 THC in microdosing allows the user to manipulate when and how much THC they have in their system.

Delta 9 THC Benefits

The benefits of Delta 9 microdosing are twofold: there are the benefits of the Delta 9 THC itself and the benefits of using this method of consumption.

The cannabinoid Delta 9 THC has some specific characteristics that can benefit users of CBD products. The wider a plant profile included in a product (combining a variety of other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, terpenes and flavonoids) will create a more well-rounded experience.

In fact, THC seems to help amplify the effects of the other cannabinoids, a concept referred to as the entourage effect. Microdosing allows you to take full advantage of the THC benefits but apply them with more control of timing and amount.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Delta 9 Microdosing

1.   Easy to Use

High-potency full spectrum Delta 9 THC Microdosing Capsules are a very specialized CBD product with perks you can’t find just anywhere, wrapped in one easy-to-swallow capsule. They combine some of the best aspects of CBD products, but are more targeted toward specific needs.

But one reason people love microdosing so much is that it’s really easy to do. They may prefer these over using regular CBD products so they can make their routine as simple, easy, and doable as possible.

Directions for use are easy to follow: Take one or two softgels with a glass of water every four to six hours, with a maximum of eight per 24-hour period.

2.   Highly Customizable into Your Routine

Microdosing offers the benefits of Delta 9 with a more targeted approach than, say, using full spectrum gummies between regular CBD servings. For some, especially those with higher metabolisms, microdosing can help to balance the lull between doses of CBD tinctures, which are usually taken in the morning and then again in the late evening.

But even when taken alone, microdosing has some particularly useful applications. This versatility makes microdosing a popular way to use CBD.

3.   Regulate Stress and Energy Levels

Delta 9 seems to help more with mood and regulating stress, providing a more consistent sense of calm throughout the day. Taking small but frequent servings throughout the day helps users stay on an even keel during stressful times.

4.   Workout Support

For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Delta 9 can be an important part of muscle recovery, possibly improving how you feel between workouts.

Take right before a workout for more calm and balance in your body and mind. Or, take following a workout to help with muscle recovery and to temper some of the muscle soreness after working out.

5.   Sleep Support

Supporting your sleep cycle improves how you feel and how your body can repair itself more effectively as you sleep. Sleep, being an essential function, is one of the core reasons people turn to CBD in the first place.

Delta 9 THC seems to be even better for those who need improved sleep. Microdosing makes it possible for you to get a boost of calming THC right before you turn in for the night.

Delta 9 Microdosing and CBD

While CBD favorites like tinctures will likely remain one of the most popular ways to use CBD, Delta 9 microdosing seems to be on the rise with CBD consumers who know their way around the cannabinoids. For new CBD users, microdosing can also help introduce small amounts of THC so they can develop a more clear understanding of how it makes them feel.

And for those that are looking for something with a bit more, Delta 9 THC gummies are a delicious way to enjoy these same benefits in a more potent product – with 10 mg of Delta 9 THC per serving!

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