After nearly a year of political upheaval and scandal, the little urban city of Bell will see a whole new City Council take charge this week.

The “installation” of city's new council happens at 7 p.m. tonight at the Bell Community Center, 6250 Pine Ave. Yes, you're invited.

That's because …

… urgent legislation by state Assemblyman Ricardo Lara to swear in the council victors ASAP was recently approved.

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The deal will put the victors from Bell's recall election last month — Ali Saleh, Danny Harber, Ana Maria Quintana,Violeta Alvarez and Nestor Valencia — in the drivers' seats.

However, Bell officials warn that this is not one of those many occasions at which residents can express their displeasure with the outgoing officials. It's not a public meeting, but rather a “ceremony.” So leave your input at home, we guess.

People are still pissed?

Yeah. As you'll recall former city manager Robert Rizzo, his second-in-command, and six former and then-current council members have been accused of bilking the city out of millions in compensation.

A new dawn, a new day for Bell? We hope so.

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