Help wanted: Police chief to run police department in troubled town with national spotlight burning a hole in City Hall. Must accept highest pay for such a position in the state of California … Just kideen. Seriously, the city of Bell is looking for a new police chief following its momentous salary scandal (the last chief, Randy Adams, resigned after it was revealed that he was taking home more than $457,000 a year). This time it looks like President Obama-level pay is not in the cards for the new jefe.

Bell is embarking on a nationwide search, with interim city manager Pedro Carrillo saying, “Our Police Department and community deserve experienced leadership.”

However, the city will also consider candidates who already work for the department, Carrillo said.

Gilbert Jara, president of the Bell's Police Officers Association, is cool with that: “We are pleased to learn that the city of Bell will commence a nationwide search for a new chief of police and that the search will also permit candidates from the Bell Police Department to apply for this important job.”

The two sides also agreed to go forward with negotiations to obtain a memorandum of understanding regarding officer pay so that cops can continue on the job while the city, er, figures things out.

“We understand that Bell has a long way to go until ethical and responsible governance is restored,” Jara states. “The POA does, however, welcome these latest efforts as a good first step in ensuring not only public safety but also a restoration of the public's trust in Bell officials.”

LA Weekly