Acting Maywood city manager Angela Spaccia has resigned after getting fingered as one of the greedy Bell city officials reaping ungodly salaries in a corruption scandal being probed by California Attorney General Jerry Brown, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and a cast of thousands.

Spaccia, you'll recall, was the bozo assistant city manager of tiny Bell, population roughly 40,000, making $376,288 for absolutely no reason.

The Los Angeles Times reported late this afternoon she had the good sense to quit her other job over in poor Maywood.

But the Times is a bit kind in saying Spaccia's departure leaves Maywood “without a leader.” After all:

Spaccia was the person who orchestrated Maywood's weird move last month to lay off almost every worker in the city government and wipe out the Maywood Police Department, having failed to devise a more sensible plan.

That is not a leader. That's a wrecker.

Unfortunately, it appears that all those plans will remain in place despite her departure.

LA Weekly