The surviving Bell City Council members are gluttons for punishment. The trio voted to hold a recall election in March that would weigh whether two of them get get to keep their jobs. They also slapped themselves in the face, Three Stooges style. (That last one is a joke).

But seriously, Mayor Oscar Hernandez and Vice Mayor Teresa Jacobo endured jeers and a crowd so rowdy that it was cleared from council chambers by police Monday night. Councilman Lorenzo Velez, the one who was paid peanuts and never got caught up in the city's salary scandal, seemed safe from both spit wads and the recall.

Recap: This is the town where city manager was said to make $1.5 million in take home and other benefits, and other city officials made near-Obama money; council members, Velez excluded, pulled down six-figure salaries for part-time work.

Eight, including the mayor, vice mayor, and city manager, were charged with misappropriation of public funds.

The vote would kick Hernandez, Jocobo and Councilman George Mirabal to the curb while allowing residents to choose replacements.

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