Los Angeles Beerathon is “the premier event for those whose enthusiasm for running extends to beer runs.” But you will need your comfy pants and athletic shoes for this big brew-ha-ha. You'll be given a map of 26 “really fun” bars, most of which are being kept more secret than an elite military unit. Check-in — yes, they call it “check in” — is at noon, and the organizers even promise, “The L.A. Beerathon is the greatest day of your life.” To show your how serious they are, “The course is designed by a certified Beerathon Course Map Veteran, having extensive experience planning prior Beerathons to include only the most fun venues.” There'll be music and DJs, and more fellow hops-heads than you can shake a yard of ale at. But don't worry too much about the finishing — everyone's a winner at Beerathon. Even though the event goes well into the evening, downing all 26 beers isn't the point. According to the website, down, “You'll have an easier time hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. Only a select few have ever finished the Beerathon.” Venues all over downtown; Sat., March 31, noon; $55; for resv.: labeerathon.com.

Sat., March 31, 12-11 p.m., 2012

LA Weekly