Lest we attribute every ounce of the upcoming New Year's Eve revelry to Champagne, we feel duly compelled to note that it was a Scot who first sang out “Auld Lang Syne.” And so rang in the first drunken New Year's more than two centuries ago.

It wasn't an 18th century sparkling wine or whiskey cocktail that Robert Burns was referring to (apologies for the double party kill, but no, Dan Fogelberg didn't coin the phrase). It was a bubbly of a decidedly different persuasion: ye olde beer. In that spirit, we offer you a new New Year's brew, Karl Strauss' 22-ounce To The Nines, for your celebratory table. No doubt you're thinking this beer has a rather unfortunate name (so did we), but try to forgive those South-of-LA hop heads, as they tend to be rather partial to International Pun-Off product names.

Should you feel the need to bring something slightly more shareable to the party, we recommend toting one of those newfangled “mini” 10-pint “home” kegs like the latest version from Scottish and Newcastle. It's actually an English brewery (sort of, it's now owned by Heineken USA), but when referencing poetry in Tweet-able abbreviated form, surely country-adjacent is close enough? And yes, we referenced Robert Burns and Dan Fogelberg in the same post. Happy New Beer.

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