First we hear that bed bugs are invading Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Holmby Hills. Now comes news that they're the new roaches — as in, they won't die, no matter how much you gas them.


In fact, one of the reasons the critters are in the news, besides the fact that a certain L.A.-based mattress retailer has used their very existence as a reason to buy a new bed, is that they've seen a resurgence as a result of their resistance to pesticides.

In other words, what doesn't kill them only makes them get all cozy under your sheets.

This according to an Ohio State University study published this week here.

(And here we were thinking bed-bug phobia was a triumph of marketing).

The eggheads state that ” … Resistance of C. lectularius to insecticides/pesticides is one factor thought to be involved in its sudden resurgence.”

Looks like we created another monster in bed and, no, we're not talking about Bai Ling.

Feeling itchy?

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