Wow, what a deal.

Go to a roach motel, complain about the bedbugs you know would be there, and get paid.

Well, to be fair, the Rodeway Inn-Regalodge Motel isn't exactly a place that charges by the hour. But still, it's a $62-a-night spot in a county where $100 hotels are considered low-end.

As we said before, what did this trio of women expect?

The three sued the motel after they said they were bitten 100 times by resident bed bugs. Now they've settled, according to the Glendale News-Press.

The settlement amount wasn't disclosed. And the motel's insurance will pay for the settlement, an attorney for the women told the paper.

Looks like no one got bit in the wallet.

Now we know how to make some easy cash: Target sub $70 motels attached to chains with good insurance coverage and sue over the resident vermin (or, maybe, stains you can only see with a black light. Hmm).

The ladies, Nichole Eatman, Vera Domini and Regina Martocci, are a little bit richer today. And they didn't even spend that much on lodging during their October, 2009 three-night stay.

They claimed they turned over a mattress and found bugs and larvae.

We joked: What did they expect to find under the mattress at a $62 motel? Osama Bin Laden? Apparently not.

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