If Bieber-mania hasn't bitten you, do not be alarmed. It's perfectly natural for adults to refrain from listening to the 15 year-old Canadian's dance anthems. It's not hard to dismiss that floppy haircut of his, which was first popularized by Josh Brolin in Goonies. Yet to the preteen set (and probably a few humans immune to aging out there) he is irresistible. Who cares if his songs were written by a supercomputer (probably), or a small army of songwriters. The important thing is that Justin wants you, yes, you with the bad posture, hunched over your computer, to be a part of his life.

Become a part of Justin's World! Be one of the first 10,000 fans to pre-order »My World 2.0« and have your photo included in the actual CD fold-out poster. Order now and join the first Justin Bieber fan mosaic.

Hurry, time is limited.

Yes, you too can be part of Justin Bieber's fan wall, where you can be a part of Bieber's eyebrow, nostril, or earhole. Your photo will be in good company with the gazillion other Bieberites who can't wait to put this poster in their Lisa Frank Trapper keeper (this comment was funny circa 1992, maybe).

Time is running out for Bieber too, so make sure you get in on this action before he goes the way of Corey Feldman.

If this hasn't convinced you, listen to Bieber's plea after the jump:

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