Beck interviews Will Ferrell at, and it's a laugh-out-loud conversation, for sure, replete with discussions about red unitards, Cirques du Soleil, cassette technology and Beck's desire to start a fusion band called Kudos. For example, this exchange, in which they talk about “The Cirque”:

B: You know, to me it's almost like the avant-garde for Vegas, when it's your moment to step out into the avant-garde. Then you end up getting those blown glass unicorns from the gift shop. Not to diminish their value. I'm talking more of the aesthetic of the presentation—-which is great in its way—

W: Umm… I'm going to be honest with you, I will have to mention this in my blog, this little blog that I run, that you were kind of disparaging. 'The Cirqus', we call ourselves.

B: I was trying to, I don't know, ascertain an obvious truth. But then it veered off into a kind of disparaging direction.

W: Right, and then you checked yourself.

B: Then I checked myself and you put up a little traffic cone for me, because I didn't realize I was going onto the other side of the road there. So thank you for that.

W: Well, You could give me kudos for it if you wanted to.

B: I could. Or I could just give you a back rub.

W: I actually auditioned for Cirque du Soleil at one point.

B: You did?

W: I'm just having a memory. Because they were doing the current version of whatever the current traveling show is down at the South Coast Plaza in Orange County and that's when I was living back at home in Irvine post-college days and they had an open call for clowns and mimes (laughs) which I had no experience in but I thought “Let's just get in there and see what happens” and they already had the big tent set up and then I can't even remember what? They had people go up in groups and pretend to kind of do whatever they thought they should do but I never got a callback so… oh well.

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