Sad news: After 37 years, the Village Coffee Shop on Beachwood Drive is closing. A neighborhood hub for residents of Beachwood Canyon who didn't want to make the trek all the way down to Franklin (and pit-stop for tourists viewing the Hollywood sign), the old school diner will shut its doors on November 30th. The little “country coffee shop” was known for its classic American diner fare: basic breakfasts (served all day), sandwiches, milkshakes and even salisbury steak.

Every time a place like this closes, we get sad. Sure, we're indulging in nostalgia for an era we never truly knew, but these sort of greasy spoon coffee shops once dotted Los Angeles (Ship's!!!!) and are fast disappearing from the city's landscape, replaced by upscale, artisanal (read: expensive) cafés.

Some of the Village Coffee Shop's collectibles will be on sale, so leave your name and number with a waitress, if you want any memorabilia.

Village Coffee Shop: 2695 N. Beachwood Drive L.A. (323) 467-5398.

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