Amidst all the hoo-ha about Jane's Addiction getting back together next week because apparently they're geniuses or something, another reunion's getting less ink: This week the Beachwood Sparks announced that they'd be reuniting this summer as part of Sub Pop Records' 20th anniversary party in Seattle. The Sparks were one of Sub Pop's first country-rock signings, and though they achieved a little success and decent acclaim, they never took off the way that their torchbearers have. But the band paved the way for Band of Horses' grand reward, and the newest Sub Pop band Fleet Foxes owes a great debt to LA's smoothest rock act of the early '00s. (Am I the only one who's concerned that both Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses are name checking middling 70s soft-rock band America as an influence? This is dangerous territory, and does not bode well.)

But, yeah, so anyway since none of Beachwood Sparks' post break-up outifts (most notably, Christopher Gunst's project Mystic Chords of Memory) have fared all too well, at least commercially, maybe it makes sense that the band give it another go. No word yet if this is just a one-off or the rumblings of a full-bore reunion. But then again, the band never “officially” broke up.

The Beachwood Sparks will gig at Sub Pop's 20th anniversary party on July 12-13 at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington.

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