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As one blogger pointed out, V-Nasty raps like your typical dude from the hood.

It's true. “I'm a bitch but I rock like a male,” she says on “Sick Swag,” a song from her new mixtape with Gucci Mane, BAYTL. It's a great album title, but let's just get this out of the way up top: V-Nasty is not the most lyrical of rappers. If there was any doubt, BAYTL proves that. No matter. We still can't stop playing it.

Producer Zaytoven is the real star of the project. His skittering, Southern-fried beats garnished with piano keys and violins guarantee BAYTL will get plenty of club play. Gucci Mane, meanwhile, is often dialing it in. (“Money flyin' out the anus/Swag in Uranus.”) And V's lines aren't always particularly creative.

But they are funny! And with that in mind, here are the 20 most hilarious and/or most inexplicable of her lines from the work. Number 20 is particularly amusing considering how many times she's been to jail. And please, will someone explain number three to us?

20. “Last place you gon' see me is in a cell” (From “Sick Swag”)

19. “Got a ho payin' rent/One pay for my sneakers” (From “Let's Get Faded”)

18. “Why you say I ain't mobbing, cause I'm Caucasian?” (From “Out My Circle”)

17. “Bitch my outfit cost more than your necklace, ho” (From “Fuck You”)

16. “Damn how a white bitch more hood than David Banner?” (From “Food Plug”)

15. “Whatcha holla'n? I'm hotter than Obama?” (From “Pushups”)

14. “If I had a dick then I'd tell that bitch to swallow” (From “Whip Appeal”)

13. “Big choppas/Put holes in elephants” (From “Fuck You”)

12. “So many cars/Garage look like traffic” (From “Hate Me Some More”)

11. “Kung-fu the front door/Left 'em at the doctor” (From “Whip Appeal”)

10. “Got a chick from UK/She make sure I got my chips” (From “White Girl”)

9. “No need for a preacher/Pray to me, I'll be your father” (From “Whip Appeal”)

8. “Got more bricks than houses in Atlanta” (From “Food Plug”)

7. “Turn your TV on, white girl/Bitch I'm the greatest” (From “Fill My Shoes”)

6. “We gettin' hoes wet/They gon' need goggles” (From “Whip Appeal”)

5. “Got them fuckin' choppas/Baby Iraq” (From “Pushups”)

4. “I got a bolo/Comin' from Mexico” (From “Fuck You”)

3. “Every time I hit the mic, I eat it up/Osama” (From “Pushups”)

2. “And if the bitches talkin' gas/They ass like Texaco” (From “Fuck You”)

1. “Leave a bitch broke/Like my tooth” (From “Fill My Shoes”)

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