As if Angelenos don't have enough to worry about — the big one, some of the worst roads in the nation, Lindsay Lohan refusing to leave — we have an apocalyptic scenario to enjoy next month.

In the March 11 film Battle Los Angeles aliens invade our fair city. States the trailer: “When you invade a place for its resources you wipe out its indigenous population. Right now we are being colonized … “

… by Mexicans! We kid. The reconquista is still decades off. But seriously, not only to we have to shiver at the thought of invading aliens who don't have their own 1978 Toyota pickup trucks loaded with lawn-care tools, but …

… we must also endure a video game:

That's right, in a flash of marketing genius it looks like Battle Los Angeles will see the concurrent release of a video game with the same title.

Konami is reportedly publishing the game so that you can navigate this land of aliens from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy (instead of, you know, doing so on the 405. Again, we kid).

Next up: Battle Santa Monica: The Last Parking Space.

LA Weekly