File this one under awkward exits. Interpol's bassist, and Burt Reynolds 'stache-alike Carlos D., has reportedly left the band. According to an announcement on Interpol's website, Carlos Dengler is off to greener, possibly less mopey pastures. “[Dengler] has decided to follow another path, and to pursue new goals,” the post read. “This separation is amicable, and we whole-heartedly wish him great happiness and success. We will remain, as always, deeply respectful fans of this blazingly talented individual.” The catch, or the rub, as old guys say, is that Interpol is on the brink of releasing a new album and embarking on a tour with U2, their first since 2008. So, who is going to fill those shiny boots of Denger's? Well, if you spent yesterday perusing your old issues of Bass Player Magazine, like we did, then you probably have a couple suggestions. Let us know after the jump, when we give you our six suggestions for a future Carlos.

Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order

David J, from Bauhaus/ Love and Rockets

Russell Leetch, of the Editors

Tom Of Finland (not sure how he wields a bass)

Colin Moulding from XTC

Andy Gill of Gang of Four

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