It would have made sense to hit up Smog Cutter or Lost & Found or Chez Jay after talking drunks and punks from our Dive Bar book on Indie1031.com Tuesday night, but nothing about Nightranger's social schedule ever makes sense (and we like it that way).

So what did we do instead? Two celeb-studded launch parties at glamorous venues that are the absolute opposite of “dive.” (Planning to repent at Frank & Hank's or Jumbo's Clown Room later this week!)

First stop, the Anglo-luxe London Hotel off the Sunset Strip, where Nylon magazine celebrated its new denim issue with hostess Drew Barrymore, Express Jeans, and DJ sounds by NYC's MisShapes. MisShapes electro set was kind of a miss, but the party vibe was a definite hit. The London's roof is gorgeous.

We never saw Drew, who must've done her required red carpet time for this pic and scrammed (or hid amidst the dark poolside environs of the rooftop shindig) but we did see plenty of fashionable femmes. It was one of those rare nights when everyone we bugged for a photo obliged happily and those we bumped into at the bar were cool even before they got blitzed.

Kelly Osbourne and Carmen Electra; Credit: Wire Image

Kelly Osbourne and Carmen Electra; Credit: Wire Image

Stylish pop singer Kimberly Cole was particularly amiable, though you might not expect it from her new single, “Smack You,” about well, “smacking bitches” (no relation to The Prodigy tune). The song can currently heard on the new season of Oxygen's The Bad Girls Club, and Cole tells us none other than Natalie Nunn, the bitchiest bad girl from the insipid, but shamefully entertaining series, co-stars in the soon-to-be-released video.

Nunn –whom we actually wanted to meet but missed to hit our next engagement– became famous for her clueless catch-phrase, “I run LA,” on the show and we hear she's working on a new TV project under the title, “We Run LA.”

No NN, we run LA. Ha!

See our Nightranger slideshow next week for our pics from the Nylon hap and the column next Thursday for a report from our second pitstop, the perfume launch party for the baddest (bitchiest?) girl in all the land, Paris Hilton at My Studio (the fancy new nightclub from The Syndicate group). We didn't get pics of PH, but a flood of photos of her in Marilyn Monroe drag from the eve are all over the net. It was actually pretty “hot.”

In the column, we'll also have exclusive scoop on the remodel of Syndicate's Opera nightclub and their other plans for a Hollywood nightlife domination.

This week, check out our coverage on The Shangri-La Hotel's Onyx pool party and Hurley's big weekend of music and action-sports in the OC.

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