DJs and frequent collaborators Baseck, also known as Derrick Estrada, and Derek Michael are celebrating their birthdays tonight in an underground fashion. The two will be taking over downtown with an army of friends for some electronic madness.

Estrada, who also promotes the popular Darkmatter Soundystem parties, told LA Weekly that the sets will most likely be short, about a half-hour a piece, and that he will likely be performing with everyone on a bill. Expect lots of improvisation and, most likely, one of Estrada and Michael's D2 tag-team performances.

Headlining the night is PlatEAU, the long-running side project of Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key. The electronic music pioneer's record label, Subconscious Communications will be releasing Estrada's new album, which is a split between Baseck and his other main project, Sonic Death Rabbit. The album, which is set for a September 15 release, will also be part Subconscious' special edition boxed set, Beyond the Vault, that will feature releases from PlatEAU, Otto von Schirach, The Tear Garden (Key's acclaimed project with Legendary Pink Dots' vocalist Edward Ka-Spel) and others on the label.

LA Weekly