If you're a baseball fan, you're probably familiar with the statistical revolution that has recently transformed the game. Batting average is out; VORP and Win Shares are in.

Well, get ready for the next level of innovation. The Dodgers announced today that in response to the Opening Day beating, they're introducing CompStat — the LAPD's system for tracking criminal behavior and all manner of fan malfeasance.

According to the mayor's office, “LAPD will adopt a practical, data-driven accountability (CompStat) process at Dodger Stadium to track historic and emerging fan-based problems on stadium grounds.”

Billy Beane would be proud. Here's hoping this new data is made public so Sabermetricians can start to track arrests per game and assaults per nine innings.

It would also be nice to know which seats are safest and which seats are most dangerous (hint: left field), so fans could take that into account.

Also worth knowing: If you leave in the 8th inning, does your chance of being assaulted in the parking lot go up or down? Is it safer to wear a Giants jersey in midsummer than it is on Opening Day? Would limiting alcohol to two beers cut fan violence?

The mind boggles at what sophisticated statheads could do with this data. Is there an arbitrage opportunity on StubHub?

LA Weekly