Less than 1 in 10 Americans sleeps naked, according to a new survey by Southern California-based Anna's Linens.

No wonder we have so much sexual dysfunction in this country.

Y'all sleep like a bunch of kindergartners.

The survey also found that a vast majority of you people …

… (74 percent) wear pajamas to bed.

How sexy. Do you suck on pacifiers too? We're an infantile nation.

Anna's surveyed 3,700 people in advance of National Sleep Day Jan. 3. It found that 74 percent of us sleep on our sides and that nearly half (47 percent) “have a good chance” of sharing sheets with someone who snores, according to a summary of the data.

About 65 percent of you said you you get a “restful night's sleep” only three nights or less per week.

If you slept naked maybe you'd get lucky and sleep well as a side effect. Nudity and alcohol do wonders for sleep.

Anna's CEO, Alan Gladstone:

We were surprised 8 percent of our respondents admitted to sleeping naked. For that group, we suggest our 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets. They feel great against the skin.

Sleep tight.

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