After-hours hot spots are the norm for Hollywood, both of the classic and WeHo varieties. But…Beverly Hills? Since when did the home of Rodeo Drive, Spago and the glittering Golden Globes become L.A.'s newest after-dark club scene?

Ever since DNA (Diabolical Nightlife Associates) – one of Las Vegas' premiere nightclub management companies – came to town. Armed with experience from producing hundreds of nightclub events and live performances in Sin City, DNA owners Rodney Franks and Dan D'Agostino have created Plush and Bar210 (pronounced Bar two-one-oh), the latest addition to L.A.'s saturated nightclub scene.

Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron, most recently sous chef at The Bazaar by José Andrés and guest chef of Breadbar's Hatchi Series, was tapped as Bar210's Executive Chef. Finally in a kitchen he can call his own, Vigneron has created a menu he describes as “updating global classics in a modern and approachable fashion,” with signature dishes including pork belly sliders and tiger prawn ravioli. Vigneron tells us it's about “the guests who give us the opportunity to satisfy their appetites.”

Bazaar lovers, beware; don't expect flashy, avant-garde culinary techniques around every corner. While Bar210's Modern Global Tastings menu will “feature avante garde techniques and ingredients where appropriate,” Vigneron says he'll be “exercising restraint, only utilizing them to heighten a dish or preparation.”

Situated in the 7,000 square foot space originally occupied by Trader Vic's at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Plush and Bar210 officially opened last Friday. Tom Ford was enlisted to transform the outdated tiki bar, and he's filled the space with llavish plum, black fig and Byzantium fabrics and Spanish goat hair pillows. If Vigneron has his way, “Bar210 guests will be transcended into a whole new world… leaving them feeling sexy and satisfied.”

Can't make it to Bar210 just yet? Try making one of their signature cocktails at home.

Interior of Beverly Hilton's New Nightclub: Plush & Bar210; Credit: Bar210

Interior of Beverly Hilton's New Nightclub: Plush & Bar210; Credit: Bar210

C'est La Veev

From: Marcel Vigneron.

Makes: 1 drink

4 blueberries

2 raspberries

1 ounces VeeV Acai Spirit

4-6 ounces Moet Imperial Champagne

Splash of simple syrup

1. Muddle berries and VeeV together.

2. Strain, pour in a champagne flute and top with Moet.

3. Drop in blueberry as garnish. Serve immediately.

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