The unemployed don't take holidays, so this Labor Day, Pink Slip Mixers are being hosted in cities across the country, with our local version being held at Bar Celona Restaurant in Pasadena, with complementary water and soda. The goal is to use social media tools, as well as actual human interaction, to help those without jobs find work.

At the last Pink Slip Mixer, with the aid of day-long coverage by CNN and updates via Twitter and Facebook, over 500 guests attended the event. Pink Slip Mixers is not a job fair, but rather a volunteer community event in which ordinary people come together to help each other during a tough economic time.

The wholly non-profit festivities kick off this Monday, September 7th , with social networking classes at 2 PM, and the event itself at 3 PM.

Bar Celona, 46 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, (626) 304-1000

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