Those costumed superheroes swept from Hollywood Boulevard by Los Angeles police plan to demonstrate their treatment during an event at City Hall Tuesday that will be filmed for upcoming episodes of Craigslist TV (the characters reunited via a Craigslist ad).

The noontime event encourages the characters to arrive in-costume so they can protest and “get back on Hollywood Boulevard.” Following reports of violence between competing superheroes and aggressive, tips-soliciting behavior toward tourists, police swept the characters off the boulevard in June.

Last month several of the characters, including a Superman lookalike named Chris Dennis, met for a “Hall of Injustice” to discuss how they could fight back against the crackdown.

(Organizers urged participants in Tuesday's event to leave props — guns, swords and the like — at home, as they're not allowed at City Hall and could provoke unnecessary confrontations with police).

LA Weekly