Bangles Like You’ve Never Seen Before — The New Brand Making Its Mark on the Luxury Jewelry Market

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Have you ever heard the lovely sound of a stacked wrist as bangles gently rattle? Such is music to the ears of entrepreneur and bangle lover Elle Pirmoradi. Bringing this passion to the world, Pirmoradi founded Bangelle (from words Bangle + Elle), a fine jewelry brand out of Los Angeles. She crafted a new bangle design that merges the golden ratio’s timeless allure with a global perspective, all in lavish 18K gold handcrafted in the city of Angels.

She brings a unique perspective to the old-age beauty of bangles and proudly dedicates her line exclusively to them. Her diverse experiences in cities she’s lived in, like Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, and Bangkok, have inspired her to create innovative, universally beautiful, and eternally stylish fine jewelry. “Ladies and gentlemen, let me see your hands, please,” she playfully invites.

A Vision Born from a Global Perspective

With over a decade in design, Elle’s venture into launching Bangelle seemed predestined. “Creatively speaking, it’s the best to watch your idea take shape and ultimately turn into a beautiful piece of jewelry. To create something that resonates entirely with your aesthetic, you can’t ask for much more,” she explains.

Bangelle was launched in 2022 from her drive and creativity. What began as a personal desire for more bling has now become a dazzling collection accessible to all. Despite the apparent je-ne-sais-quoi style, Bangelle has filled a void and made something every jewelry lover should get their hands on. “Locals are embracing the bangles, whether as part of a daily uniform or for a night out on the town,” she explains.

Unveiling Unique Bangles

A bracelet-lover herself, Elle strives to create bangles that complement a stacked wrist. As the initial concept for the jewelry line developed, a central design principle emerged – pieces should flatter an existing collection of bracelets. Her inspiration comes from her own collection and the desire to add more to it. “That’s the great thing about bracelets. You don’t have to choose between them; you can just keep adding more! You can add them to the Clou, or Kelly, vintage pieces, or all of them—the more the merrier,” she quips.

Bangelle’s collection of bespoke stackable 18K bangles is more than mere adornments; it embodies her vision for a universal aesthetic and timelessness. Available in styles weighing from one to four ounces of white, yellow, or rose gold, these versatile bangles are a great addition to any stack. They also look stunning when worn alone, especially the larger designs.

“My daily go-to is typically theUni and theDainty with a diamond tennis bracelet and some vintage Cartier and Hèrmes, and then I’m ready to go. It’s a beautiful combination,” Elle beams.


Going Above and Beyond Aesthetics

But Bangelle isn’t just about looks. The brand also considers the lasting value of each piece. With gold prices steadily rising, Bangelle’s creations are not just beautiful adornments but also wise investments.


“Our clients appreciate how the value of their pieces grows over time,” Elle stresses. “As a designer, I’m committed to the best possible design. As a brand, we’re committed to the best possible quality. These are the two pillars of my brand—no shortcuts,” she adds.

Bangelle, Accepting the Challenge for More

As Bangelle looks ahead, she acknowledges stiff competition and rising costs in the luxury segment. However, altering the design or changing production techniques to cut costs was never an option. Despite this, Bangelle continues to captivate a growing audience that values the brand’s distinctive aesthetic and commitment to quality.

The founder stays true to her brand’s core principles—crafting stunning, innovative pieces of the highest quality. She mentions, “We envision Bangelle as more than another jewelry brand. We’re crafting an enduring gold bangle experience that becomes a cherished part of people’s style.” This vision drives the brand to expand its influence, exploring new designs and collaborations.

In the dynamic luxury jewelry market, with consumers weighing between authenticity and innovation on the one hand and established heritage brands on the other, Bangelle has carved out a particular niche that eloquently marries all three.

“Creating something new while building upon classic staples. This is the harmony I seek when putting together a stack, and what I want for my clients, too,” Elle explains. Bangelle’s contemporary vision confidently places the brand on the jewelry radar, next to some of the industry’s biggest names–and looks pretty good.

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