Good thing summer's finally over (two October heat waves later):

The folks who make those ubiquitous Banana Boat sunscreen products sold at your local Ralphs and 7-Eleven revealed today that some of their fine goods do the opposite of what you want, which is to protect you from burning.

In fact, some of these Banana Boat spray-on products being recalled today have been blamed for …

… possibly setting people on fire.

Yeah. Even tan superstar George Hamilton would probably say that's a bit too far.



Now, normally in such a situation, the company involved would admit no such thing is likely while saying the products are being taken off the shelves for reevaluation. Or something like that.

Not so for Energizer Brands, which owns Banana Boat. No — the company came right out and said today that this stuff was being pulled …

… due to a potential risk of product igniting on the skin if contact is made with a source of ignition before the product is completely dry …

Um. What's in this stuff? Vodka?

The company states that it's like this:

Credit: jacrews7 / Flickr

Credit: jacrews7 / Flickr

Energizer believes that this issue is associated with the product delivery system, specifically the size of the spray valve opening on the affected products. The spray valve opening on the affected products dispenses more than is typical in the industry for continuous sun care sprays. As a result, the product is taking longer to dry on the skin than is typical with other continuous sprays. If a consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark prior to complete drying of the product on the skin, there is a potential for the product to ignite.

Anyway, Banana Boat and a day on the beach in Venice probably aren't a good mix, seeing how there are so many marijuana dispensaries in the area.

You can find out which products are effected and how to return them here.

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