Long after the FDA pressured the makers of Four Loko to make the alcoholic beverage a little less loco, San Fernando Valley state Sen. Alex Padilla is attempting to put the brakes on similar drinks in the Golden State.

As part of a flurry of last-minute bills in Sacramento this month, Padilla's buzz-killing SB-39 would take the fun, or at least the caffeine, out of high-octane cans of fun.

Says the senator:

“SB 39 will protect California's youth. The dangers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages are clear. These drinks are a threat to public health, especially when these drinks are marketed to youth. The added caffeine masks the effects of the high alcohol content, which can lead to risky behavior and binge drinking. With the passage of SB 39, California will join Massachusetts, New York, Washington, Utah, Michigan, and Kansas in banning these dangerous drinks.”

We love you Alex, but way to ban something that has already self regulated.

While you're at it, why don't you put a law on the books that requires Coca-Cola to remove the cocaine from its products.


LA Weekly