Bam Margera has performed a lot of death-defying stunts. He's even been shot by a ball bearing in an incident so painful it left him crying. Such is the life of a skateboarder-turned-star of the Hollywood Jackass film franchise.

But getting his ass kicked on camera apparently didn't prepare Margera for the fist of fury of a … girl.

That's right, Margera was knocked out by a girl during last week's SXSW festivities in Austin. But the coolest thing about the episode was …

… Margera's attitude.

He admitted it all to TMZ.

He said he was walking through a hotel party Thursday night when someone called him out in a not-so-friendly way. In response, he made fun of a big girl in the group, calling her a “beached whale.”

Then came the punches. From a guy. Margera engaged, and the two ended up on the ground, where the woman in question delivered a blow that put him out cold for 7 minutes.

Margera was left with a bloody face, a black eye and a missing $500 bracelet. But living to tell this tale?


LA Weekly