[NEW UPDATE, 12/21/2010: Badly Drawn Boy Finally Apologizes to LA Audience for Troubadour Meltdown.]

[UPDATE: Fans tried to get a refund from the Troubadour. This is the reply they got.]

Merely hours after having a public meltdown on the Troubadour's stage in LA last night, Damon Gough, aka Badly Drawn Boy, took to his official facebook account to:

a) wish people Merry Christmas

b) pimp a hard-to-understand marketing scheme


c) say this: “We just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who's bought any BDB singles and albums, and to everyone who came to see Damon play live. We hope you had fun!”

No apologies about calling supportive audience members “little bitches” and “cunts,” no refunds to the irate LA audiences he insulted with his unprofessional behavior, nothing.

Just: “We hope you had fun!”

Damon: it's bad business to piss off your fans, and it's bad manners no to man up to what you did.

As one of our commenters sensibly put it:

The sad thing about this whole meltdown is that everyone there was a real fan who went out of their way to see BDB play live. We got tickets months in advance and were excited for the show. When he began complaining about the sound, the crowd shouted out supportive comments like, “You sound great!” or “We love you!” He responded, “Shut the f*ck up, you have no idea what I'm hearing up here so stop saying it sounds great because it doesn't.” He also told the crowd to “Shhh! Stop talking!” When he returned to the stage after his hissy fit, we were ready to give him a second chance. But when he continued to whine about everything and say terrible things to the crowd, we walked out. He said things like, “I just want to get home to my kids.” Listen, I've got kids, I know what its like to be away from family. It sucks. But, c'mon. You're a professional musician. You know the drill. You are bound to have an “off” night, but in the end, you have to get it together and finish the show that people paid good money to see.

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