[NEW UPDATE, 12/21/2010: Badly Drawn Boy Finally Apologizes to LA Audience for Troubadour Meltdown.]

[UPDATE: Fans tried to get a refund from the Troubadour. This is the reply they got.]

[For Molly Bergen's full review and account of the show see “Badly Drawn Boy at the Troubadour Last Night”.]

We're getting several reports live from the unexpectedly hot-ticket event of the evening, Badly Drawn Boy at the Troubadour, that sensitive bard Damon Gough (who is either Badly Drawn Boy or the leader of a band called Badly Drawn Boy depending on the day and his mood) had a little freakout after only four songs, told the crowd he was “ready to fight” and apparently used the c-word on the aghast crowd. The whole shebang was reported live on Twitter:

[UPDATE: Video surfaces! Watch:]

He did return after a little “time-out” and apologized.

Our reviewer at the show is reporting that Damon Gough's fit was caused by his displeasure with the quality of sound. Our reviewer reports Gough indeed ranted against “cunts.”

More choice quotes:

“This is a fucking disaster. I just want the world to swallow me up. I'm going to have a cigarette on stage and no one is going to question it.” Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy)

“You're not a Beatle!” — Heckler

SECONDS AGO (11:25 PM): “I'm never playing live again” – Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy)

PEOPLE AT THE SHOW RIGHT NOW: Feel free to add your versions of the events in the comments. What C-word did he use? The one for female genitalia (most likely) or the one for people inordinately fond of giving fellatio? Did the audience accept his apology? What brought on the meltdown?

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