There's so much sidewalk dining on the west side of Larchmont Boulevard that you can scope out what to eat by eyeing plates as you walk by.

Joining the crowd is Baciami, a crepe and gelato place that opened a couple of weeks ago. Gelati, in flavors such as cheesecake, dulce de leche, pistachio, cappuccino, chocolate-covered strawberry and hazelnut, come from Baciami's sister gelateria, Il Cono in Beverly Hills. So do the sorbets, housed in a separate display case.

Baciami is already a magnet for Larchmont moms treating their kids. “Yummeeeee,” said one, eyeing the gelato case. Little girls at another table were spooning up red sorbet from doll-sized bowls as if they were playing house.

Adults line up for the crepes, salads and, in the morning, omelets. The crepes are standard. You choose two to four fillings from a list that's pretty basic–Gruyere, Cheddar and brie, turkey bacon, ham, chicken breast, avocado, mushrooms and the like–nothing wildly creative. The crepes come with a small salad.

What Baciami appears to specialize in is Nutella. There are four Nutella dessert crepes, to which you could add a scoop of Nutella gelato for an extra $1.25. Nutella jars are stacked on the counter in the crepe-making area. There's just one griddle, so if there should be a crepe crush, you'll have to wait.

Baciami means “kiss me,” and the logo exploits that with luscious red lips behind the name. For a romantic gift, you could order a gelato cake made from any of some 30 flavors. Or you could ask for a flavor made to order. Or you could simply treat your sweetie to Baciami's specialty, gelato-stuffed handmade coconut tuile cannoli.

Baciami interior; Credit: B. Hansen

Baciami interior; Credit: B. Hansen

Baciami Gelateria and Creperie: 139 ½ N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles; (323) 336-8110.

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