This is too perfect.

According to Glamour Magazine's wedding blog, two producers who met and courted each other while filming ABC's hit romance series The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) are getting married in California this summer. And Chris Harrison, career goob behind the tearful interviews and “pack your bags” moments, will reportedly be officiating!

Guess the boy-meets-girl fairytale works out a little better without all the…

… paparazzi and rose ceremonies and high-pressure destination dates. (We say that because after 25 seasons, only one on-screen couple has ever tied the knot and stayed together. Although we're still rooting for Ashley and J.P. to become the second. Ben and Courtney, not so much.)

Lambert and the Bachelorette.; Credit: Facebook

Lambert and the Bachelorette.; Credit: Facebook

It might also help that producers Cassie Lambert and Pete Scalettar are among the sane working folk on the other side of the camera, not the herd of nutjobs who sign up to find true love on some nationally televised, drawn-out dating game.

Indeed, Lambert showed a healthy sense of humor about her ridiculous job in a 2010 interview with (which exists, apparently?):

“There are moments I look around and realize there are twenty-some talented, intelligent adults watching and listening to two people kiss,” she said. Lambert also said she was spending her off-time helping poor people in Africa, which indicates that she doesn't have some Bachelor-spun vision of foreign countries as all cabanas and private beach concerts.

Glamour reports that the couple…

… met while both were producers on The Bachelor family of programming. Thanks to their jobs, they got little more “together” time than your average 9-to-5 co-worker couple. “We spend about 60 days a year on airplanes,” says Pete. Their jobs also meant the pair found themselves in locations that were decidedly more romantic than a cubicle farm: Anguila, Belize, China, Costa Rica, Fiji, South Africa, Switzerland, and Thailand, to name a few.

Not bad! This might be the best Bachelor couple yet. And, sticking to company policy, they're both beautiful white people with cute clothes and nice white-person hair!

What do you think, America: Too meta to make a reality show about two reality-show producers in love?

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