BABA: A Rising Multi-Instrumental Music Sensation from India

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BABA is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter and instrumentalist from India. Known also for his other music projects, Baba, Baba & Co., and Flying Cupid, BABA’s music has a distinct sound that is both rich and uplifting. He recently released his latest single, “Without You” which shows off this signature sound.

Before his current act, BABA had spent many years in and around the music industry. He wrote his first album at just 16 years old under the artist name “Gaia”, and later released an album as “Flying Cupid” at age 19, which received critical acclaim from notable press outlets.

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His latest single, “Without You” is a heartfelt ode to the importance of support from loved ones in achieving one’s dreams. The song pulls from BABA’s own life, with BABA stating that he would have never achieved his current level of success without the love and support of his partner. By writing  such a personal and touching song, BABA provides an authentic and genuine glimpse of his personal life.

In addition to the release of “Without You”, BABA has also released an accompanying music video. Directed by BABA and filmed by Ishaan Vajpai, the video shows the talented BABA playing multiple different instruments, with an intense choreogaphy routine creating a smooth effect between transitions.

Through “Without You,” BABA has skillfully composed a touching and harmonious homage to the significance of receiving support from those close to us in the pursuit of our aspirations. This composition is certain to strike a chord with a broad audience, offering a poignant reminder that none of us can navigate our journey in isolation.

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