Staples Center has been long overdue for beefing up its chef-driven concessions. In 2013, Ludo Lefebvre brought to the arena his popular LudoBird fried chicken stand, and more recently, Mélisse chef Josiah Citrin debuted his Dave’s Doghouse concept, which specializes in gourmet hot dogs topped with things like mac 'n' cheese and baked beans.

On Friday, B.S. Taqueria joined the mix as an official concession stand at Staples Center, in partnership with Levy Restaurants (the group that also does the food for Dodger Stadium). This is the second casual offshoot of Ray Garcia's renowned modern Mexican restaurant Broken Spanish.  Three cheers for carnitas tacos, Clippers playoffs and T-Swift concerts.

The menu will start small, offering three types of tacos — pork shoulder carnitas, flank steak carne asada and guajillo-marinated chicken — as well as heirloom-corn tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa and B.S. Taqueria's famously fluffy churros, which come with a side of chile-chocolate dipping sauce. The stand also will offer specialty cocktails and drinks including palomas, margaritas, blackcurrant lemonade and a mint-cactus agua fresca.

As the concept rolls out, Garcia hopes to add more menu items, all of which will be prepared with the same ingredients and techniques — including the Landrace masa corn tortillas made in-house — as the original B.S. Taqueria on Seventh Street. 

“As an L.A. native,” Garcia says, “opening a B.S. Taqueria at Staples Center is like a childhood dream come true.”

B.S. Taqueria at Staples Center, 1111 S. Figueroa St., downtown;

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