Award-Winning Director Eva Vik Takes Grandmother’s Surname for Artistic Freedom

In a bold move that speaks volumes about her personal convictions and artistic identity, award-winning Czech director Eva Vik has chosen to honor her family’s matriarchal lineage by adopting her grandmother’s maiden surname. This unconventional decision is just one of many fascinating facets of Vik’s life and career as she continues to make waves in the world of film.

Rising to prominence with her acclaimed film, Serpentine, which garnered a nomination at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in 2022, Vik has been a trailblazer in her field. Her unique visual style and captivating storytelling have earned her a place in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 feature, and her films have premiered on platforms such as Mubi, Nowness, Dazed, Amazon Prime Video, and even Vogue magazine.

Moreover, Vik’s talent extends to the world of commercials, having directed multiple projects for the luxury brand Bulgari, featuring stars like Cailee Spaeny and Barbara Palvin. Her background includes studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, albeit briefly, and showcases her commitment to honing her craft and ultimately finding her true calling in writing and directing.

But beyond her impressive résumé, it is Vik’s commitment to her own artistic freedom and personal values that truly sets her apart. In April 2023, she consciously changed her surname from Dolezalova to Vik as a tribute to her grandmother. This decision, driven by a desire to break free from patriarchal traditions, highlights Eva’s strong connection to the powerful women in her family and her dedication to carving her own path.

On the name change, Vik shared her thoughts, saying, “I no longer felt like going with the patriarchal structure of women being assigned the male surnames. It wasn’t an overnight spruce of the moment decision, I’ve always secretly wanted to do it, but never followed through due to thinking of being fastened to a surname that was allocated to me at birth and I didn’t want to take on a custom-made Hollywood surname that didn’t mean much to me. I just started rolling with it and kept going until I realized it’s never too late to change it.”

Vik’s decision to embrace her grandmother’s surname also pays homage to her grandmother’s own inspiring journey. From hiding during WWII to eventually becoming a well-respected designer of hats, her grandmother’s story exemplifies the strength and resilience that Eva wishes to embody in her life and work.

This strong sense of self is reflected in her work as well. Her short film, Maestro, earned her the Best Director’s Award at the ISA Awards USA and the Jury Prize for Best Drama in 2021, which was later released by Amazon Prime Video. The film is a testament to Eva’s ability to confront her own personal challenges, as she refers to it as a “closure piece” regarding her relationship with her absent father.

Vik is currently working on new projects, including a feature film and a limited TV series, both of which will no doubt continue to showcase her singular artistic vision. In the meantime, she remains an ambassador for the White Ribbon USA, a nonprofit global movement dedicated to ending violence against women and children. As Eva Vik continues to forge her own creative path, it is clear that this gifted filmmaker is not only breaking boundaries but also inspiring others to do the same.

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