Awakening the Power Within: Awakend’s and BrainTap’s Mission to Better a Billion Brains 

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Stress is an equal opportunity player. It doesn’t choose favorites, and no one can hide from its damaging effects. If the terms burned-out, stressed-out and overwhelmed are part of your everyday vocabulary, you aren’t alone. According to Gallup’s 2022 Global Emotions Report, stress and negative emotions have reached record levels worldwide. Stress is attacking our relationships, health, income, and ability to thrive.

Stress and worry are nothing new, but unique shifts in technology and how we relate to the world and each other have changed over the years at an alarming rate, leading to a profound psychological impact that transitions us into a constant fight-or-flight state.

But what if we could create a shift in the way we see stress and the way stress sees us?

Creating a shift of a seismic nature is needed. That’s where Awakend™ comes in. Both a company and a movement, Awakend works to create this shift by helping people wake up to the intrinsic power that lives inside each and every one of us. The company believes that everyone comes into this world with an invincible mentality. Inherently, we know how capable we are, but over time, our experiences throughout life slowly chip away at our confidence. We start to believe that we are just watching life happen to us, powerless to create effective change. Awakend was designed to disrupt this false belief system.

Founded by Rodney James, Ashlee Headlee, and Danelle and Scott Meoli, Awakend embraces a synergistic approach to this mission by pairing revolutionary wellness products, life-changing technology, and healthy lifestyle courses to shift one’s life experience from surviving to thriving.

With life-enhancing technology an integral part of Awakend’s approach to wellness, the discovery of the extraordinary brain fitness technology pioneered by BrainTap® led to a dynamically collaborative and creative partnership. By joining forces, two mission-driven movements will have a greater impact on humanity’s mental and physical wellbeing — and at an accelerated pace. Awakend’s innovative way of awakening people’s innate power to thrive perfectly complements the BrainTap mission to “Better a Billion Brains.”

“If one is only surviving through life and not thriving through life, it’s time to make a change,” Awakend Founder Ashlee Headlee shared. “We believe that everyone already has everything within them to heal. If they aren’t tapping into that fundamental strength, we can help them. This partnership with BrainTap will undoubtedly further both companies’ missions to change one brain and life and brain at a time.”

What is Brain Fitness Technology?

In today’s fast-paced society, stress and information overload are pervasive, disrupting overall wellbeing and creating poor life quality for millions. Stress can interfere with the way our brainwaves work, causing imbalances that get in the way of focused thinking and limiting emotional resilience.

Founded by Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., BrainTap is dedicated to optimizing brain health and transforming lives through cutting-edge neurotechnology and holistic approaches. The patented one-of-a-kind technology — backed by decades of neuroscience and research — uses advanced brainwave training and guided visualization to calm the body, optimize the brain, and reduce stress. Research has shown that just one session with BrainTap can lead to a 39.5% reduction in stress, 27.3% improvement in neurological markers, and increased heart rate variability. Users also experience improved quality of sleep, decreased stress and irritability, and improved brain fitness.1

The fusion of BrainTap’s cutting-edge technology with Awakend’s holistic offerings is not only helping others to achieve a transformative reduction of stress, but it’s also establishing a resiliency to stress — empowering users to tap into their inner strength, armed with tools to create a life of abundance they thought was out of reach. Being able to help others achieve lasting change is what fuels the passions of both companies as they seek to change lives on a global scale.

“BrainTap has always been dedicated to optimizing brain fitness and transforming lives through cutting-edge technology and holistic approaches,” remarked Dr. Porter. “Our journey has been one of continuous growth and learning, and now we have found the perfect partner in Awakend to take this vision to extraordinary heights. Awakend shares our passion for uplifting and supporting individuals worldwide to lead fulfilling lives, and their expertise in synergistic wellness products and programs are second to none. Together, we are joining forces to create comprehensive solutions to revolutionize how human beings nurture mind, body, and soul.”

Awakend and BrainTap’s partnership stands as a beacon of hope in a world grappling with unrelenting stress and its ricochet effect on personal health, families, and communities. Together, both companies are on a mission to help people recognize that their bodies and minds already contain the DNA mapping of how to create better health. As Awakend and BrainTap unite their strengths, they inspire change-makers to join the movement and contribute to a brighter future for humanity.

1(Global Advances in Health and Medicine Volume 9, 2020. DOI: 10.1177/2164956120912849)

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