Huntington Beach metal band Avenged Sevenfold's new album, Nightmare, shot this week to the top of the Billboard chart, pushing Eminem to the second slot.

This is a really impressive achievement for the band, particularly as it comes so soon after the tragic death of drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan at the end of 2009, of what later was revealed as “an accidental overdose.”

The band's fanbase showed their support for the group by rallying behind this record and purchasing legal copies during the first week of release. They also showed their support by rallying against the LA Times review by Jeff Weiss, who also writes for the weekly:

Last week the Times blogged the headline “L.A. Times review of 'Nightmare' blasted as 'an insult to all' Avenged Sevenfold fans,” including an amusing selection of invectives against poor Weiss, who made the mistake to crack wise about a rabidly beloved album he describes as “Edward Gorey as re-conceptualized by Hannibal Lecter and Korn.”

Of course, that post itself accrued its share of comments, some encouraging violence towards Weiss and others blaming the Times itself.

Sample invective from commenter Fawn:

I cant believe someone would write a review like that. that is so idiotic. Its practically telling someone to not be so dark about a deceased loved one. Of course theyre going to be writing an album like that. I really like A7X's music and Im really sad that Jimmy's gone, and it pisses me off when somebody who obviously doesnt understand true lost and pain of someone goes and puts down their music that theyve written and says its for freakin' “tormented teenage boys”?! First off, I'm a girl, not a tormented teenage boy, and second off, the person who says that deserves to be smacked in the face. Thats putting down a whole fan base of the band. And now they have to deal with us, especially when were fired up, because we will do ANYTHING to defend the legacy of Jimmy and keep it going. NO ONE PUTS DOWN A DRUMMER AS WONDERFUL AS THE REV.

Alright, everyone settle down. Record is very popular, ok? No need to go after the quips of critics. Jeez…

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